With another successful SWFS meeting in the rear-view mirror, the board would like to thank everyone who attended the conference in Edinburgh during June 2017, including participants, speakers and sponsors. It takes a village to put on a successful meeting and there are too many folk involved to mention everyone in the planning process, but we would like to shout out a very special thank you to Lucy Webster and Sherryn Ciavaglia as they took care of all the heavy lifting in planning and executing the meeting. Thanks also to the symposium and workshop organizers including Trey Knott, Rebecca Johnson, Ed Espinoza, Jon Wetton, Wayne Lord, Kathy Moore, Kyle Ewart, Jamie Sells and Adrian Linacre.  Kim Frazier was in charge of making the decisions about the Bob Anderson Memorial Scholarship. The Society would also like to say thanks to SASA and all the volunteers they had at the meeting that ran IT, the front desk and just about anything you asked of them. And last but certainly not least, we had a very impressive list of sponsors and vendors that allowed the board to make this meeting very inexpensive to participants, but still be at an outstanding location with many extras allowing people to experience Scotland’s hospitality and history. The city of Edinburgh was a great venue for the Society’s first non-USA based meeting and boasted an impressive 245 people including the day delegates. These attendees arrived from around the globe with a record breaking 36 countries represented. The scope and breadth of wildlife forensics affects numerous organizations and this was evident in the numerous national and international NGOs, state and provincial wildlife agencies, and federal organizations represented by the 145 different institutions present at the meeting!  It was a wonderful mix of scientists, policy people and administrators, law enforcement and wildlife forensic groupies. The diversity and mixture of this group allowed for some very good conversations about building capacity and issues that are involved with the discipline.  Four days of presentations highlighted their successes and struggles in the field of Wildlife Forensic Science. Below you'll find a selection of photos available for download.  Watch this space for news of Denver 2019!

SWFS 2017 Photographs

Photographs of SWFS 2017.  Many thanks to Guy Shorrock (RSPB) for his fabulous photography services throughout the meeting.

Delegates 2 (small)JPG
SWFS reception 2
SWFS reception 4
SWFS reception 13
SWFS reception 1
SWFS reception 3
SWFS reception 7
SWFS reception 10
SWFS reception 5
SWFS reception 6
SWFS reception 8
SWFS reception 9
SWFS reception 11
SWFS reception 12
SWFS reception 14
SWFS reception 15
SWFS reception 16
SWFS reception 17
SWFS speakers 1
SWFS speakers 2
SWFS speakers 3
SWFS speakers 4
SWFS speakers 5
SWFS speakers 6
SWFS speakers 7
SWFS speakers 8
SWFS speakers 9
SWFS speakers 10
SWFS speakers 11
SWFS speakers 12
SWFS speakers 13
SWFS speakers 14
SWFS poster session 8
SWFS poster session 7
SWFS poster session 6
SWFS poster session 5
SWFS poster session 4
SWFS poster session 3
SWFS poster session 2
SWFS poster session 1
SWFS poster session 9
SWFS botanics 1
SWFS botanics 2
SWFS botanics 3
SWFS botanics 4
SWFS botanics 5
SWFS botanics 6
SWFS botanics 7
SWFS botanics 8
SWFS botanics 9
SWFS botanics 10
SWFS botanics 11
SWFS botanics 12
SWFS botanics 13
SWFS botanics 14
SWFS botanics 15
SWFS botanics 16
SWFS botanics 17
SWFS botanics 18
SWFS botanics 19
SWFS botanics 20
SWFS botanics 21
SWFS ceilidh 1
SWFS ceilidh 2
SWFS ceilidh 3
SWFS ceilidh 4
SWFS ceilidh 5
SWFS ceilidh 6
SWFS ceilidh 23
SWFS ceilidh 24
SWFS ceilidh 25
SWFS ceilidh 26
SWFS ceilidh 7
SWFS ceilidh 27
SWFS ceilidh 8
SWFS ceilidh 9
SWFS ceilidh 10
SWFS ceilidh 11
SWFS ceilidh 12
SWFS ceilidh 13
SWFS ceilidh 14
SWFS ceilidh 15
SWFS ceilidh 16
SWFS ceilidh 17
SWFS ceilidh 18
SWFS ceilidh 19
SWFS ceilidh 20
SWFS ceilidh 21
SWFS ceilidh 22
SWFS workshops 1
SWFS workshops 2
SWFS workshops 3
SWFS workshops 4
SWFS workshops 5
SWFS workshops 6
SWFS workshops 7
SWFS workshops 8
SWFS workshops 9
SWFS themed sessions 1
SWFS themed sessions 2
SWFS themed sessions 3
SWFS themed sessions 4
SWFS themed sessions 5
SWFS themed sessions 6
SWFS themed sessions 7
SWFS themed sessions 8