Rebecca Johnson

Dr Johnson is Director of the Australian Museum Research Institute, a Wildlife Forensic Scientist, and conservation geneticist. She also holds the title of Adjunct Professor at the University of Sydney.  She has established the Museum as one of the global leaders in the field of wildlife forensics and conservation genomics through the ISO17025 accreditation of the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics facilities.

In 2014 she was admitted into the Australian Academy of Forensic Sciences. She is certified wildlife forensic scientist (SWFS) and has been appointed by the Federal Environment Minister as an examiner in wildlife forensics under the EPBC commonwealth legislation section 303GS(1).

Stefan Ziegler

Stefan Ziegler joined WWF Germany 12 years ago, where he supervises a range of conservation projects as senior program manager. Previously, he gained field experience in conservation projects in Africa and Asia. His interest in forensic sciences was triggered by his work on wildlife trafficking. He led a project on the provenance of elephant ivory (, based on stable isotope signatures and is involved in several initiatives, using isotopes to clarify sources of origin of wildlife and its derivatives. Stefan studied biology and geography in Germany and UK. In his spare time, he is a passionate fusion drummer.

Ed Espinoza 

Dr. Edgard “Ed” Espinoza is the Deputy Director of the National Fish and Wildlife Forensic Laboratory, located in Ashland, Oregon. For the last 28 years Ed has been involved in the application of chemistry to wildlife forensic science questions. Since 2010 Ed has been focusing on the analysis of timber products using DART TOFMS (Direct Analysis in Real Time, Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometry). Ed has been instrumental in the founding of the Society for Wildlife Forensic Sciences ( and through this society developing proficiency tests and best practice guidelines for forensic scientists who work on flora and fauna evidence. Ed received his Ph.D. in Forensic Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He is fluent in Castilian Spanish.

Guy Shorrock 

Guy Shorrock is a Senior Investigations Officer for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). The RSPB is the largest conservation charity in Europe and includes a specialist team dedicated to assisting the statutory agencies to investigate crimes against wild birds; the illegal persecution of birds of prey is their core area of work. After a previous police career, Guy has worked with the RSPB for over 25 years and assisted the police and prosecutors with the conviction of over 100 individuals for wildlife crime. He has extensive practical experience with the use of a wide range of forensic methods to investigate offences.