**Pricing for Member and Non-member** Hair ID Workshop



  • ½ day Friday Morning, June 14th, 2019
  • Bonnie Yates
  • Hair ID

This workshop is an introduction on how to identify mammalian hairs using microscopy. In an environment of shrinking budgets, first attempting to identify a hair using micrscopy prior to identification using DNA can save precious time and money.

The workshop will include how to identify hairs via microscopy based on cuticle and scale patterns, roots, medulla morphology and on cross sectional shapes (which I tend to do first as it can ID a family, or certain species quite quickly).

I also was a co-author on the first paper to introduce virtual XS using confocal microscopy, which is an excellent way to XS hairs that are too small for microscopy, I have subsequently identified a number of animals using this method.

I am also a great believer in coupling the theory with a practical session so that practitioners can appreciate, first hand how, useful and cost saving microscopy of hairs can be.

I also discuss how ‘Mammalian Hair Atlases’ compiled by non- or inexperienced examiners can compromise legal proceedings and how to recognize these publications.