**Pricing for Member and Non-member** Population Genetics



  • ½ day Friday Afternoon, June 14, 2019
  • Rob Ogden, Rebecca Johnson, Emily Humble, Kyle Ewart
  • Population Genetics

Streamlined and standardized analysis workflows in population genetics and wildlife forensics are becoming increasingly important. Consequently, there is a growing emphasis in the use of statistical tools such as R to facilitate this. However, not everyone is familiar with the R environment. As a result, SWFS members have built on the R for Forensic Genetics Workshop held in 2017 and developed wildlifedetectR, an interactive user-friendly tool for undertaking key analyses in population genetics and wildlife forensics. wildlifedetectR has been designed specifically to work with both traditional and genomic markers and will perform species ID, individualization and progeny testing as well as generate population genetic summary statistics and carry out marker selection and filtering. This workshop is intended to train participants in the use of wildlifedetectR with hands-on demonstrations using examples from real wildlife forensics cases and population genetic studies. Suitable for those with or without a working knowledge of R.