**Pricing for Member and Non-member** Verifying Perfection in Your Wildlife Forensic Laboratory



  • Verifying perfection in your wildlife forensic laboratory
  • Full day - Tuesday, June 11th, 2019
  • Lucy Webster

So, you work in a wildlife forensic lab. How do you demonstrate to the court that the work you do is to a sufficiently high standard? One way is to initiate an independent audit to the SWFS Standards and Guidelines by the SWFS Audit team. This workshop will give you the help you need to assess whether your laboratory is a) already compliant and ready for audit, b) half-way there – some things to adjust before audit or c) starting out – getting the right things in place to ensure progression towards compliance with the SWFS Standards and Guidelines.

Once the laboratory is compliant with the codes, individuals can become certified by SWFS as wildlife forensic scientists. At the workshop we will discuss what you need to have before you can apply for certification.

A major component of quality assurance is the ability to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of the method you have used for testing – also known as method validation. We all use different methods, but the process for validation of methods has a lot of common themes. At the workshop we will go through the major components of method validation to help you show the quality of your testing results.

This workshop is interactive! There will be some talking, but members of the SWFS Technical Working Group will be there for more one-to-one guidance - to help you prepare for audit or certification, or to plan a validation study for a new method you are developing. We hope that you will go away from this workshop with some specific advice that can help you to demonstrate the high quality standards being followed by your wildlife forensic lab.