Timber ID in CITES listed species

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Timber ID in CITES listed species

Who should attend: Scientists involved in timber identification

Summary: The session on timber identification of CITES listed species will examine the challenges associated with current technologies (anatomy, genetics and chemistry) to identify logs, planks, veneers and musical instruments  suspected of being from protected taxa.  Opportunities for sharing and building reference collections and/or databases will be discussed.

This session will be organised as a meeting of timber forensic scientists, rather than a training workshop.  It forms part of an ongoing series of international meetings to discuss and develop forensic science applications for combating the illegal timber trade.  Spaces are limited for this meeting, therefore prior to registering, delegates interested in participating in this meeting are asked to contact Dr. Ed Espinoza (ed_espinoza@fws.gov) to confirm that places are still available.

Organisers: Dr. Gabriella Chavarria & Dr. Ed Espinoza