Announcing the SWFS Certification Program

Initial Announcement of Certification Program under SWFS

The Scientific Working Group for Wildlife Forensics (SWGWILD) provides resources and consensus-based standards, guidelines, best practices, and recommendations for use by the wildlife and non-human forensics community as represented by Society for Wildlife Forensic Science (SWFS). In response to interest voiced by SWFS members, the Society requested that SWGWILD produce recommendations for a certification program. SWGWILD has developed a preliminary document for a professional certification program designed specifically for practitioners of non-human biological forensics (e.g., fish and wildlife, domestic animals, pet identification, timber, other plants, etc.). This document was approved by the Board of Directors of SWFS in December. The Board would like to solicit input from the SWFS membership, as well as from interested parties who may not be SWFS members, regarding the format and content of the proposed certification program. Your input in developing this program would be greatly valued.

Three ways to give input and help make the Certification Program a success!

  1. Complete a brief online survey. Click here.
  2. Review and Comment on the Draft "Certification Policy" document.
  3. Review and Comment on the Draft "How to Become Certified" document.

For more information on the Certification Program, click here: Certification Program

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