The purpose of the SWFS Small Project Grant Fund is to provide financial support for the development and validation of scientific methods for use in wildlife forensic casework that is not typically supported by research grants, i.e. validation studies, ring-trials, the development of new proficiency tests and travel that supports the exchange of techniques between SWFS member labs, particularly at an international level.  Applications which have other sources of funding will not be considered for this award.

Timeline and funding availability:

The funding scheme is run annually and applications are to be received by June 21, 2019.  Subject to available funding, the Society would seek to support multiple projects to a total sum of $5,000 per year.  This figure is subject to annual review and availability of funds, with any changes notified.

Decision making:
  • Applications will be evaluated by a three-person Grants Committee (with one alternate) made up of volunteer board members.
  • Where the Committee requires external input to inform their assessment, e.g. for technical qualification, the lead board member will seek input from the rest of the board in the first instance, or externally if necessary.
  • The Committee will report to the board between and four and eight weeks after the application deadline, with a list of projects ranked in order of potential for support.  The board will approve grants to be offered via a vote during the next board meeting.
  • Brief feedback will be provided to all unsuccessful applicants.
Reporting and feedback:

Each project will be funded for a maximum of one year, and should start within 6 months of the award date.   Any projects that longer than 12 months should be clearly outlined and justified in the submitted application.  Within 3 months of the end date of the award, the grantees are required to provide a two-page report summarizing the work undertaken, the outputs of the project and the resources used. This report forms the final acquittal.

General conditions:
  • Funding is for research consumables only.
  • Funding is provided under the condition that all methods developed are freely available for use by other members of SWFS and the broader wildlife forensic community.  Any intellectual property issues should be considered and addressed prior to the initial application.
  • Acceptance of funding from the Society for Wildlife Forensic Science will imply that research involving animal tissue sampling will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines of their institution and have had approval from their relevant Animal Ethics Committee.
  • Acceptance of grant funds will also imply that appropriate permits and/or permissions will be obtained from the relevant government authorities for 1) collection of plant and animal specimens and 2) work in National Parks or other protected areas.
  • Acknowledgment of support from the Society for Wildlife Forensic Science is expected in presentations and publications.
  • Wherever possible, the results of the grant-funded work should be submitted for peer-reviewed publication.
  • Applicants who have not recently received funds through this program will be given additional weight and consideration over those who have recently received such funds.
  • Grants are given to individuals, not organizations
  • Only SWFS members may apply
  • Funding may not cover salary
  • This grant will not fund attendance to a conference
  • This grant will not fund publication costs
  • We will not award more than one grant to any one applicant in any one year
  • Failure to submit a satisfactory report at the end of the grant will mean the grantee is ineligible to apply for further grants.