SWFS full membership can be granted as a Regular Participant or an Associate Participant.

A Regular Participant must currently or have previously been employed in:

  1. wildlife law enforcement in an analytical, intelligence or investigative capacity related to wildlife forensic science; or
  2. the government, academic or private sector, instruction, education, research or advocacy for studying and/or protection of wildlife.

An Associate Participant is qualified by other professional attainments related to forensic analysis or intelligence, including related academic achievements, and who demonstrate support for wildlife forensic science.

Please visit this page if you are signing up for a Student membership: https://www.wildlifeforensicscience.org/become-a-student-swfs-member/

SWFS membership applications require:

  • Support of two referees who are current SWFS members (please contact the membership officer if you do not have two referees). Enter the details of your two referees on the below form and we will contact them for their referral upon submission.
  • A signed code of ethics form, found here. Please fill this form out and return to Tasha Bauman at tasha.bauman@wyo.gov
  • Payment of membership dues.

Applications are to be completed in English.

You can read the Society bylaws here: https://www.wildlifeforensicscience.org/mission/bylaws/

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