Bid on a Commissioner’s License for the Wyoming 2012 Hunting Season

The Society for Wildlife Forensic Science is excited to announce an outstanding opportunity for Sportsmen to hunt elk, deer or pronghorn in the great State of Wyoming while also supporting the fight to keep wildlife forensics alive and well. The President of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Commission, Dr. Fred Lindzey, generously donated a Commissioner’s license to assist the Society in promoting standardization and certification of wildlife forensic practitioners. The winner of the license can hunt elk, deer or pronghorn in any legal region or hunt area in the state. The species and hunt area must be declared at the time of application. There is a limited number of the highly coveted Commissioner’s Licenses made available each year, and we are excited to be able to offer this tremendous opportunity to our members and supporters.

Wildlife forensic scientists are at the forefront of domestic and global investigative initiatives targeted at wildlife crime, and the detection, identification, and prevention of national security and public health threats. Wildlife forensic science deals with activities whose potential value has been estimated to total up to $53 billion a year – including illegal traffic in protected wildlife, illegal, unregulated, and unreported fisheries, and the illegal timber trade.  Taken together, these activities comprise the third largest form of illegal international trade, after drugs and weapons. Some wildlife crime activities are also known to be linked with other forms of organized crime. Wildlife forensic science is a critical component of wildlife law enforcement, including detection of poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. Proceeds from the sale of this tag will benefit the continued development of the field of wildlife forensic science.

Instructions for bidding: Sealed or emailed bids will be accepted until 5pm MST on April 2nd, 2012. Send bids to: Society for Wildlife Forensic Science C/O Dee Dee Hawk, President, 703 Beaufort St., Laramie, WY 82072 or The minimum bid is $7,000, and the first confirmed bid of $9,500 USD will win the license immediately. The winner must purchase the appropriate license from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Payment is required within 10 days of notification. Please include complete contact information with all bids. If you have any questions, please contact Dee Dee Hawk at (307) 761-1124 (Payment may be made through our PayPal account, this account can be found at under the “Donate” tab).

More information on the State of Wyoming website:

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