The Scientific Working Group for Wildlife Forensic Sciences (SWGWILD), formed in 2011, brought together wildlife forensic science experts to standardize and promulgate best practices across the diverse species and evidence types unique to this field. SWGWILD complemented the activities of the other US Scientific Working Groups in Forensic Sciences.  With the establishment of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) and retirement of the Scientific Working Group system, SWGWILD was desolved in 2016.  Its functions have been inherited by the SWFS Technical Working Group (TWG) and the OSAC Wildlife Forensics Sub-Committee.

SWGWILD was highly productive, resulting in the delivery of multiple work products that today represent the primary resources for promoting Standards in wildlife forensic science.  All SWGWILD products are available for download here.

The Society for Wildlife Forensic Science acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of all committee members and colleagues who volunteered their time to these endeavours.