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Quality Management System Development and Implementation & Preparation for SWFS assessment.

This workshop will focus on how to develop and implement a quality management system in a laboratory wanting to carry out forensic case work. Topics covered will include development of procedures, protocols (including SOPs and Quality Manuals), The SWFS Standards and Guidelines the process of internal auditing, and tips and guidance for labs wanting to undergo SWFS assessment.

Date: 23-June-2024

Time: Full day


Database Development

This workshop will focus on reference database development with an overview of the types of databases required for wildlife forensic casework (with some example databases provided), what is appropriate data to include and how to manage and maintain metadata.

Date: 27-June-2024

Time: Full day


Ivory Identification


Wildlife law enforcement officers and forensic experts will be equipped with a skillset of identifying the authenticity and species origin of suspected ivory for enforcement purposes. This also includes report writing for providing evidence in court. The 2-day ivory ID training programme is based on the freely available “CITES Identification Guide for Ivory and Ivory Substitutes” (4th Edition, 2020) but customized to fit the needs of the respective Wildlife Law Enforcement Authorities, especially with regards to those ivory-bearing species and ivory substitutes commonly found in trade in Africa and Asia. The Department of Wildlife and National Parks of Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN) and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Malawi (DNPW) kindly provide the ivory reference collection for this workshop. The participants will learn how to identify raw and worked ivory from different species (e.g. elephants, hippopotamus, and warthog, etc.). They will also be trained to differentiate between real ivory and ivory substitutes such as vegetable ivory, bone, hornbill and plastic.

Date: 27/28-June-2024

Time: Two full days

STR Development and Internal Validation.  What is the difference?  Why do you need to validate?  Join us for a discussion of the what, why and how of STR Validation.

This workshop will include a review of Best Practices recommended by SWFS Standards & Guidelines for wildlife forensic analysis, the ISFG recommendations for non-human (animal) DNA in forensic genetic investigations, and USA based SWGDAM, Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods, Validation Guidelines for DNA Analysis Methods

Date: 28-June-2024

Time: 1/2 day

Validation of NGS methods for casework

This will roundtable discussion will provide an opportunity for SWFS members to discuss the application of NGS methods to case work and the considerations for the development and validation of these methods.

Date: 28-June-2024

Time: 1/2 day